In 1896, family members Roger Hayne and Arthur Surridge began the Hayne-Surridge Company as a supplier servicing the US shoe industry. Even though the end products our customers manufacture have changed over the years, five generations later Hayne-Surridge continues to thrive in the sewn products / needle industry. To this day, Hayne-Surridge holds in highest regard the Foundations of Service and Customer Commitment. ┬áThese are the values which the company was founded on over 125 years ago. Our commitment to service is what sets us apart from other companies. With so many years in the industry, our team provides the products you need for most of your manufacturing needs and the expertise to help along the way. As one of American & Efird’s largest distributors, we have the right industrial sewing thread for your products with the knowledge and attention to customer service you deserve. For your trim needs, we have long standing relationships with multiple manufacturing mills which allow us to offer a wide selection of quality trim items like elastic, webbing, hook and loop just to name a few. Little things like always speaking to a live person on the phone to letting us help you determine the correct product applications are examples of our commitment to customer service ultimately lead to our goal of customer satisfaction.