Hayne Surridge has partnerships with several different producers of elastic. These relationships allow us to get the quantity you need at the most cost effective price.
We offer three common types of elastic in many different widths and many different stretch specifications.

  • Braided Elastic – The most cost effective elastic. Great for some applications, but tends to lose its stretch when sewn straight on fabric. Narrows when stretched.
  • Woven Elastic – High quality and expensive. This is the thickest and strongest type of elastic. When stretched it does not get narrow.
  • Knitted Elastic – Mid priced and most common. Softest of the three types of elastic. Very versatile. You can see through the weave when stretched, but maintains its’ width.

Other common elastic items we offer are:

  • Buttonhole Elastic – Elastic with slots made 1 inch apart for use in waistlines.
  • Fold-over Elastic – Elastic that folds in half and stays in place during the sewing process.
  • No-Roll or Non-Roll -Elastic that does not twist or roll because it is manufactured with lateral ribs.

Call or contact us with your elastic needs.