Spun polyester threads are the most widely used threads in the world for manufacturing apparel products. They will sew well with minimum interruptions on most types of sewing machines and are more cost effective than core spun threads. They also offer good sewability across multiple sewing operations helping reduce your thread inventories. Spun polyester threads are made by spinning high-tenacity staple fibers into a yarn and then plying these yarns to make the thread. Spun Polyester thread is stronger than traditional cotton threads of comparable sizes and offer greater abrasion and mildew resistance. It also offers good resistance to chemical degradation. A&E’s spun polyester brand Excell, is an ideal thread for multiple applications where a traditional staple spun polyester is required. Excell offers good seam strength and chemical resistance, as well as low shrinkage to help minimize seam puckering. Excell has the proper amount of elongation to absorb the stresses of sewing and wear in the seams. Excell is available in a wide range of colors and since it is polyester, offers excellent colorfastness. If you are producing children’s sleepwear, A&E’s Spun Kool spun polyester is twisted and wound with a flame resistant finish for baby & toddler applications to help seams meet open flame testing. Pre wound bobbins in multiple sizes are available.

Excell® Sizes and Product Details

Application Tex Size Metric Size Minimum Needle Size
Extra Light Wt. 16 180 65
21 140 70
Light Weight 27 120 75
Medium Weight 40 75 90
40 60 90
60 50 110
70 40 110
80 36 120
90 30 125
Heavy Weight 105 25 130