Hayne Surridge has partnerships with several different suppliers of laces and cords. These relationships allow us to get the quantity you need at the most cost effective price. Some of the common items we offer at Hayne Surridge are shown below.

Shoelaces Available in a rainbow of colors in both tipped and on continuous rolls. We can cut and tip your laces to the exact length you need.
Draw cords Available in many common colors used in outerwear, sportswear and other apparel items. Available in knitted, braided or woven construction either round or flat. Widths are available 1/32” to ¾”.
550 Para Cord Nylon cover with 7 strand core. High 550 lbs tensile strength. Available in many colors and patterns.
Woven Poly Cord Poly cord has excellent UV resistance and does not absorb moisture well making it a great choice for outdoor applications. Woven braid is stronger than like sized braided cord.
Nylon Diamond Braid Has good chemical and oil resistance. Mildew Resistant and durable.
Polyester Diamond Braid Stretches less than nylon. Also has good chemical and oil good resistance. Rot proof and Mildew resistant.
Cotton Cord Soft and pliable not designed for high strength applications. Can be made with a hollow core or with an inner core.
Shock Cords Shock cord is commonly used for securing objects. Traditional shock cord offers a tough polyester cover for protection from UV exposure abrasions which covers a bundle elastic strands.

We can also create and produce custom variations of the above.

 Please call us for help with any of your cord needs.