Hayne-Surridge offers a wide range of non-woven felts. Choices vary from the traditional mechanically pressed felts to custom-engineered needled felts. We offer the highest quality of industrial wool felts and other non-woven products to meet your technical needs.

Mechanically Pressed Felts

These traditional felts are manufactured from wool and wool blends. The nature of the wool fiber allows for the interlocking of carded wool through a combined action of pressure, heat, moisture and vibration. A variety of densities and thicknesses are available in the various blends. Products are manufactured according to established standards with the most common reference being SAE.

Traditional Needled Felts

These are felts manufactured to the general specifications of their counterparts in the traditional pressed felt line. The needling process, versus the compaction method utilizing moisture, heat and pressure, achieves the interlocking of fibers and desired density. This approach often time allows a lower cost alternative to an application that allows a substitution.

Engineered Needled Felts

Through a series of barbed needles penetrating carded layers of synthetic fibers at a very high rate, a non-woven product is produced. Man-made fibers do not lend themselves to be naturally felted together. The needling process achieves this purpose. The advantage of needled felts is their versatility in design. Polyester, polypropylene, rayon and nylon of various deniers can be needled to produce technical felts.


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