thread in needle of sewing machine closeup

Hayne-Surridge offers American and Efird’s full product line of sewing threads. At Hayne-Surridge we have the right thread for your needs. Some of the other products we offer are:

Cotton Thread

A&E’s Anecot and Anecot Plus product lines are produced with the best grades of long-staple cotton. Anecot Plus is produced from a higher tenacity and grade of cotton that gives it a higher break strength than regular Anecot threads. Both threads are ideal for garment dyeing and other special sewing applications. Both threads are available in soft, mercerized or glazed finish. Soft threads are dyed and then wound on a spool after a thread lubricant is added. Mercerization is a process where cotton is treated in a caustic solution under tension and the neutralized in acid. It is then passed through a flame at a high speed to remove excess fibers and give it a higher sheen. This process causes the cotton fibers to swell, resulting in a greater affinity to dyeing and increased tensile strength. Mercerized cotton threads are more expensive than soft cotton threads. Glacing is a manufacturing process where the cotton thread is treated with special chemicals and wax under heat and then brushed to a high sheen. This process produces a cotton thread that has a glossy hard finish that protects the thread from unraveling and abrasion during tough sewing operations.

Textured Threads

A&E’s Wildcat and Wildcat Plus product lines are produced with continuous filaments of polyester that are stretched, textured and heat set. This process ensures proper bulk retention which is excellent for seam coverage and good seam elasticity. Textured threads are ideal for chainstitch, coverstich and over-edge operations on knit garments. They also work well on woven apparel to prevent the edge of the fabric from unraveling. Because of the construction, textured threads are not recommended for lock-stitch machines that use a hook and bobbin.

Air Entangled threads

A&E’s Magic product line is produced from continuous filaments of polyester that pass through a high pressure jet that cause them to entangle. It is then heat-set, dyed and lubricated. Magic is an economical thread that provide a high seam strength and excellent sewability. Magic’s high initial modulus contributes to excellent loop formation, minimizing breakage and skipped stitches. Because Magic air-entangled thread is a single-ply construction, it is flat and ribbon-like, providing a low seam profile and excellent loop strength for optimal seam performance.

Para- Aramid

A&E’s Aneguard is a staple spun sewing thread manufactured from 100% DuPont® Kevlar® designed to provide seam integrity and cut protection. Aneguard offers excellent resistance to short term heat exposure.  For long term high temperature, Meta-Aramid Thread, such as Anesafe™ using Nomex® or Anefil® using Nomex® are recommended.

A&E’s Anefil using Kevlar® is a  twisted multifilament para-aramid sewing thread manufactured from Dupont® Kevlar® designed to provide tremendous tensile strength as well as all the characteristics of the spun Aneguard.

Meta- Aramid

A&E’s Anesafe is a staple spun sewing thread manufactured from 100% DuPont® Nomex® designed to provide seam integrity and long term heat or flame resistance. It is available in a variety of colors including uniform shades.

A&E’s Anefil using Nomex®  is a twisted multifilament Meta-aramid sewing thread manufactured from Dupont® Nomex® designed to provide the ultimate in high heat and flame exposure for both protection and filtration applications. It also is available in natural and colors, including common uniform shades.


Flax Linen is the strongest non synthetic natural fiber.  It forms a good knot, is high strength and has almost no elasticity.  It is a natural fiber that swells when exposed to water and does not melt.  It is often used in the bookbinding industry.